Sweet Aerobics Summer Festivals Experience!

When the summer time hits, the Sweet Aerobics team hit the road and begin our tour of bright and beautiful festivals all over the country!

Sweet Aerobics aims to provide a holistic festival experience and can cater to all crowds, whether its sharing a stage with bands such as Maxi Roots, Samson Sounds or the much loved Mr Motivator, we also deliver yoga and aerobics workshops, and crowd participatory games which are a fun and wholesome event for all ages, to transition the morning festivities to riotous evenings of dancing.

audio soup 2016

Our aerobics partners in lycra ‘Alien Aerobics’ in full power stance at Audio Soup 2016


Morning stretching and wake up aerobics at Eden Festival 2016


Saturday afternoon Aerobics with Mr Motivator at Eden 2016


Sweet Stage Invasion with digital dub band Samson Sounds at Solfest 2016

As our festival networks have grown since 2015, our love for the fields has too. 2017’s Beatherder festival was a huge highlight us, opening the main stage on the Saturday with musical interludes from Fire Beneath the Sea MC’s and finished off with a giant game of tug of war!


Sweet Motivators in action Beatherder 2017


Anyone fancy a game of tug of war? Beatherder 2017


Rappers Mike Byte Hill and Joshy Slimfast rallying the crowd! Beatherder 2017


More highlights for us were taking part in the love child of Eden Festival’s ‘Lost Disco’ in Croatia. Sweet Movers danced alongside Maxi Roots, keeping the crowd elevated through the afternoon. For our final festival of the year, Solfest, we put together a high energy Jungle Aerobics workshop, to get those tired sunday legs full of juice and ready for the days festivities. We look forward to another action packed 2018, spreading our lycra love across many fields and bringing joy to many faces.

For any booking enquiries, please contact us at sweetaerobics@gmail.com or via our Sweet Aerobics facebook page.


Lost Disco in Croatia with Maxi Roots


Aerobics Workshop at Eden Festival 2017


Eden Festival Tug of War


photo credits to Graham Wynne Photography, CW Photography and Stevie Powers.

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