November Bonanza!

Well that was a smashing day  Everyone at Sweet HQ are so happy with the turnout and had a fantastic time taking part in all the activities at the Sweet November Bonanza!

Some joyful murmurs circulated the Space declaring that this one might have been the funnest Sweet Aerobics yet.

The day wouldn’t have happened without a lot of peoples love, help and support so we want to take the time to say thanks to all those beautiful souls:

Lisa Bell, Eveline Nicolette , Hannah Yelrom, Naiara, Leony Mayhew (Bespoke MayHem), Duncan Mark Horne, Ewan , Adam V. Cheshire, inc.Tomi Zoomi, Glenda Rose Ashley & Megan (Marabellas), Suzy Berry – the wonderful workshop facilitators – a massive THANK YOU, your skills are priceless and it’s people like you we want to support! We also want to take this time to wish Andrew Currie all the healing and support in your recovery.

Thanks also to The Space and all the staff there for your constant support with promoting the events, help before and on the day, poster designing, technical/venue support, friendly cafe staff, and for just being awesome. We love working with you, admire your open, supportive, community ethos and always feel at home when we’re there 💛

All the helpers who dedicate nights to attending meetings, help make the decorations, contribute materials/drums, and help promote the event – you are all STARS and you make the sweet family happy to be a part of 💫

Everyone who made it down to the Space on Saturday, you guys rock! We hope that you enjoyed yourselves, got to be silly/move/create and it’s because of you we make this event happen 🤩


We’re gonna rest our achy legs from all that squatting but keep your eyes peeled for the next announcements. Sweet things are in the making…

If you want to run a workshop, help with anything (decorating, social media, posters, whatever you feel), or think of an event, community centre, organisation you think the Sweet Team could be interested in then please message us to let us know. We are only a small team of part time helpers and the more people involved the better.

For now, thank you for being you, and have a wonderful rest of your November. Keep it silly. Keep it sweet 😎😘✌️💛

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