Kicking KPC Debut!

Kinning Park had a Sweet glow about the place on Sunday. Downstairs there was Learn to sew Glasgow, weaving their magic and educating along the way, next to The Real Junk Food Project Glasgow cooking up their irresistible treats including an irresistible Iron Bru cake!

The ceiling was rumbling above, however, as the funky steps and stretches swept the upstairs floor. An hour of unwinding with Ollie, an hour of inclusive aerobics with Marie, Hannah, Roanna and a host of enthused wee’ns who helped to lead the dance. Meanwhile faces were painted by the the masterful Megs and feet were healed by our reflexologist Andy. We’ve never heard the phrase ‘That’s just what I needed’ so much in one day!

Social Sundays at Kinning Park Complex. They’re the place to be. Thank you to everyone who made yesterday the innovative, lively, scrumptious Sunday it was.

Join us again next time, June 19th at On the Corner and back at KPC at 24th.

Life is Sweet!

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