The Sweet Glasgow Tour


Sweet Aerobics are geein it laldy this summer. Ping-ponging between two of Glasgow’s outstanding community-based venues @KinningParkComp and @OnTheCornerGla (both of whom were well-beaten in the old twitter-name race, to be fair!). They’re key players in the great Glaswegian collaborative movement nonetheless.

On The Corner host an array of exciting new projects- from the clothes Swap Shop to the Free Lunch Cafe, to the Dream Machine, and now regular bimonthly slots for the Sweet team. We’ve held two bouncing events here already, a Halloween hullabaloo and Valentines ‘Love Yourself’ Special and there’s so much more potential for this tight-knit collaboration, kicking off again on the 19th June.

The Kinning Park Complex team are old stalwarts of social action, they’re a source of constant Sweet inspiration and they have a grand, fertile space ready for community growth. This is the space where Sweet Aerobics all started, a fundraiser for SAMH last May that made more than 500 bob and brought smiles and inspiration to all that took part.

We’re trying to make Sweet Aerobics into a sustainable project now and this summer we’ll be working hard to create exercises classes that will invigorate, empower and uplift the people of Glasgow who need it most.

Come join us and let’s make exercise more fun and accessible to communities across this majestic city.

Life is Sweet!

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