The Festive Summer Begins!

Deoch An Dorus brought a smashing start to the summer. It’s a wee independent festival full of equally independent musicians, that come together on the Isle of Arran to make a  one hell of a cracking collective party. And Sweet Aerobics brought a healthy dose of fun to the festivities…

How does this sound… A free-style aerobics class, three beautiful smiley faces leading the routine in front, fine festival punters of any shape and any size alongside and wide open sea and sky behind you. Then a Sweet Sports Day, which consisted of a relay race of moustaches, toilet rolls and plungers, a bin-bag slug race and an inflatable human conveyor belt. We’ll say no more, you have see it to believe it.

Thanks so much to Deoch An Dorus for hosting us, we hope to keep keeping it Sweet throughout the summer fests…

Catch us again at…

@Knockengorroch– 26th-28th May

@TheEdenFestival– 9th-12th June

@BoomTownFair– 11th-14th August

Life is Sweet!


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