Valentine’s ‘Love Yourself’ Special


We’ve just about caught our breathe. What a day. Countless smiles, stretches and Sweet motivation with the help of some very special guests. Thank you to everyone involved and a special thanks to On the Corner and the cafe for hosting us.

First of all the workshops, at the front of the house for all to see there was face-painting, essence-creating and pompom-making. We saw inspired people writing letters to their future selves with Katie (to be sent back to you sealed all in a month or so, don’t worry!), we saw aromatic folk putting together rich body scrubs with Kyna, we even saw relieved people punch away their frustrations with Russ. It was a hub of self-empowerment, improvement  and talent-sharing from all shapes and sizes.

The exercise and relaxation classes of course went down a treat. Oli brought us a phenomenally energising and inclusive yoga session, which geared us up for an unreal journey into extraterrestrial aerobics with Cleo, Sophie, Leony and Marie. We brought the tone down again to Katie’s meditative level with a taster class that left the Sweet participants feeling as tranquil as Sweet turtles. And up the tone went again for an hour of Jahrobics, great friends of ours and experts in the business of reggae vibrations and smiley faces. A wonderful christening for On the Corner’s new event space and newly sanded floor!

Accompanying us all the way on this empowering journey away from Valentine’s traditions were the peerless Samson Sounds. Together we created an unheard-of blend of grooves and moves, live music and Sweet Aerobics. A vibrant, versatile band that are always welcome to our stage.

To finish things off we even had some special and surprising guests. Tom Spiral, Marcus and Paul whose rhythms brought us safely beyond the close of the event and into a lock-in! The smiles continued into the evening and still continue into March. Let’s do it again soon and use this empowering feeling to take Sweet Aerobics to the next stage…

Making exercise more fun and accessible for communities across Glasgow and beyond!


If you were inspired by what you played a part in yesterday, please get in touch. We’re looking to create a network of volunteers to make exercise more fun and accessible to those who need it most. Come support our cause!

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